Dead men can’t eve-tease

Often, we find ourselves complaining that femisim Has turned to misandry and that men are targetted unfairly, but posts like these make us realise that problems like sexual harassment and other gender based discrimination still exists in our society at a level which is sick and morally appalling. A change is in order.


finalI was 10 when while waiting for the school-bus outside school, a man walked up to me and showed me his exposed penis. I ran from him, climbed up a tree, and stayed there till the school-bus driver came looking for me.

I was 12 when it became a routine for my school-bus driver to make me sit back in my seat next to him, while he extended his hand to open the door to let a new kid in at every stop, and calculatingly brush his hands against my budding breasts. It took me a week to muster up the courage to complain to my father.

I was 14 when one day, I shaved my legs and threaded my eye-brows for the first time, and suddenly everyone in school noticed the unknown girl in the short skirt of the uniform. Embarrassed by the whispers around me, I pretended to…

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